Work in Healthcare? So do we.

The founders of BioCloak Solutions come from a background in healthcare. We have a passion for helping and serving patients in a clinical sense.

But regardless of clinic, hospital, nursing home, or pharmacy, we are all exposed to a lot of sick people and a lot of different types of germs.We know we use mobile devices all the time which increases that risk for transmission and getting sick.

Every time the device is laid on the counter, it can pick up germs. Every time you hand a patient back their insurance card, hands get dirty. Every cough and sneeze during flu season or when the "GI bug" is going around, germs can land on the phones we pick up every ~4-7 minutes.

We all know the steps hospitals are taking to prevent infections. More and more hospitals and medical/surgical device companies are utilizing ionized silver nanotechnology for antimicrobial purposes.

BioCloak Solutions uses the technology hospitals and medical device companies use to achieve their goals of warding off harmful bacteria. You should too.

Read below on an independent study of how much and what bacteria are on healthcare worker's smartphones:

Are health care workers aware how contaminated our mobile phones with nosocomial pathogens?