The Problem

    Stanford University found smartphones carry 18x more bacteria than public toilets. 30% of the bacteria is transferred from screen to fingers and vice versa. They are always within reach and we pick them up hundreds of times per day. A high percentage of smartphones actually have microscopic fecal matter on them. 75% of us take them into the bathroom with us (you may be reading this in there right now). The kids' grimy and possibly unwashed fingers scroll them for games and movies. We wash our hands, but rarely think about what is lurking on our phones. There are reports of people getting sick from this. There is a even reported case of someone getting Ebola from a contaminated smartphone.

    “The phones contained more skin bacteria than the any other object; this could be due to the fact that this type of bacteria increases in high temperatures and our phones are perfect for breeding these germs as they’re kept warm and cozy in our pockets, handbags and brief cases. These bacteria are toxic to humans, and can cause infections if they have the opportunity to enter the body.”
    – Joanne Verran, Professor of Microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University

    "People are just as likely to get sick from their phones as from handles of the bathroom." Dr. Jeffrey Cain, president of the American Academy of Family Physicians

    E. Coli, MRSA, and "staph" are all common on the surfaces of smartphones' cases and screens. BioCloak Solutions set out to find a safe, effective, and convenient solution. A sleek and protective antibacterial case and screen protector combination was born. Independent physicians and infection control nurses have endorsed the BioCloak product line as a great solution to this problem. 

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