Our Purpose



BioCloak Solutions LLC was founded in mid 2015 after seeing multiple stories on the amount and variety of germs that live on mobile devices. The statistics were staggering. Started by a husband and wife who both work in healthcare and have 3 young children, we set out to find a safe and effective solution. We partnered with a team of chemists and engineers to start the process to develop our antibacterial product line. We also began to take mental inventory on where our phones had been. After nearly a year of research and development and dozens of failed prototypes, a final series of products that were clinically proven, drop protective, and aesthetically pleasing were born. Our Purpose is to bring awareness and a solution to the issue of harmful bacteria on the one thing we pick up nearly every 5 minutes. Coming from a background in healthcare, it was discovered the problem is exponentially worse for those who work in this field. We wanted to develop a case and screen protector combination was aesthetically appealing, provides protection from drops, and also fights common bacteria on smartphones and other mobile devices. Independent doctors and nurses have endorsed BioCloak Solutions product line. Customers love the product. We hope you do to. 

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