The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In


As a surgeon, I am constantly dealing with the negative impact that bacterial infections have on my patients care and the healing process. Bacterial infections not only slow the healing process but also can become a serious and life-threatening condition unto themselves. A particular concern of mine and my colleagues is the growing rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Simply put, bacteria have adapted to our antibiotics. Many no longer work. What is even more alarming is that the rate at which bacteria are becoming resistant to many common and once effective antibiotics is drastically outpacing the pharmaceutical industries development and production of new and more effective antibiotics. If this continues doctors and patients will quite simply run out of effective antibiotics to treat life-threatening and even simple infections.

While the situation may seem dire, there are effective measures we as healthcare workers and patients can take to prevent infections. Infection prevention is a key and often overlooked strategy to "win the war" against antibiotic resistant bacteria. It has to start with hygiene, such as good hand-washing techniques and avoiding exposure to those who already have may have infection. Limiting the spread of harmful and resistant bacteria is key. However, even this may not be enough. Mobile phones, while ubiquitous and inseparable from our daily lives, are a little known but important source of bacterial spread. Many take for granted how powerful these devices are as a potential source of infection. A recent study showed that 95% of healthcare worker's phones were contaminated with bacteria. Many of these bacteria were potentially harmful antibiotic resistant strains.

This problem is not limited to healthcare workers. Those who do not work in healthcare and carry mobile phones are also at risk of carrying and spreading these bacteria. The solution to solving these problems is everyone's burden. We ALL must take appropriate measures to limit the spread of bacterial infections. Proper hand washing and hygiene are great first steps, but we cannot forget the impact our hand-held devices have in spreading potentially serious infections. Effective antimicrobial protection for cell phones is a great start. BioCloak Solutions is leading this charge.

-Kris Gunn, MD, Board Certified Urologist

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