An Attorney's Perspective On The Issue of Germs on Your Smartphone

An Attorney's Perspective On The Issue of Germs on Your Smartphone

Smartphone Health Risks and How to Protect Yourself
Owning a smartphone has become normal in the present world. According to some sources, the number of smartphone users has reached 2.1 billion in 2016 and this number is expected to grow in the next years too. (1) This is quite natural because smartphones bring many benefits to the users. In addition, smartphones today are more affordable than ever. However, only a small number of users know that these useful gadgets create some health risks too.

Did you know that the average smartphone harbors 18 times more bacteria compared to a public toilet? This fact was confirmed by a study conducted at Stanford University. (2) When they were swabbed for testing, the majority of smartphones had more than 25 thousand germs per square inch. What’s even worse is that some of these bacteria and germs are very dangerous. Namely, about 50% of tested smartphones had staph bacteria on them. In case you didn’t know, staph or Staphylococcus aureus is very often a dangerous bacterium that leads to health issues like minor or mild skin infections to some severe infections like meningitis and pneumonia.

For most people, smartphones have become everyday companions. People use them literally everywhere even in public places. In addition, many people share their phones when needed. This is especially true for people that with the public like healthcare workers and teachers for example. They get in touch with many people and pass the bacteria from their hands to the device. For instance, a public worker often shakes hands with dozens of people each day. They are also handling money and sharing phones too. Generally speaking, people have started using their smartphones in places where technology was never used before like when they are on the toilet when they are in malls and even in the kitchen. This makes very easy for the bacteria to spread.
Even the way we store and keep our smartphones contributes to this problem. Most smartphones are kept in pockets and purses and dark places with the right humidity level and temperature is the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. (3)

So, what can we do to avoid problems like this and keep ourselves protected? Besides washing your hands on a regular basis, which is quite challenging for people who work with the public, you can also use certain smartphone accessories like BioCloak’s smartphone cases. These cases come with a permanent coating of perfectly safe antibacterial nanoparticles that combat common bacteria located on the surface of the case. In order to get even better protection, you can use the products of the partners of BioCloak Solutions that provide antibacterial screen protectors specially designed for mobile devices. Other than the “home button”, the phone has antibacterial properties for cover to cover.
Dirty smartphones packed with bacteria are bad for the immune system and they can lead to unwanted facial effects like acne. By covering your smartphone with an antibacterial case you will be able to protect yourself regardless of the environments where you are spending your days.

A. Trajkovski, JD Attorney At Law


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