The Impact of Bacteria On Your Cell Phone From A Surgeon's Perspective

The Impact of Bacteria On Your Cell Phone From A Surgeon's Perspective

Cellphone bacteria contamination and the prevention with Silver nanoparticles

Last year researchers showed the cellphone you are using to read this webpage with is not only loaded with bacteria, possibly 37% of the bacteria is the scary antibiotic resistant strains, like MRSA.  This has study been repeated many many time in the literature.  Go ahead and search the literature for “cellphone surface bacteria,” over 200 results populate with no effort.  Study after study confirms the presence of not only bacteria but dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria on our phones and tablets!  Therefore, any rational person can realize the next step in this research, How do we prevent the spread of bacteria that use our phones as a vector?

One great idea is the use of silver nanoparticles.  Silver nanoparticles have been used for decades in the healthcare setting to prevent contamination of all sorts of things.  Wound dressings, burn creams, and more have been proven to prevent bacteria growth on their surface If you could find a way to infuse these nanoparticles into a cellphone surface you may be on to and evidence based/literature proven way to prevent the spread of bacteria through the surface contamination.  

BioCloak Solutions is leading the way in this sphere of antimicrobial cell phone cases.  Using a cellphone case like this is not only a good idea I believe it will soon be required for anyone in a healthcare setting.

-Dr. Andrew Burgon, DPM, Foot & Ankle Surgeon  


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